Charity Day – Clean Ocean Sailing

Chris Young, one of our Senior Account Managers in the UK Sales Team, volunteered for Clean Ocean Sailing with friends and family. We’ll tell you a little more about their experience, but first let’s explore COS (Clean Ocean Sailing)…

What is Clean Ocean Sailing?

It was founded with the aim of cleaning coasts and oceans sustainably and raising awareness about ocean plastics. With the help of their 110-year old sailing boat and other small crafts, the team sail and paddle to remote, inaccessible places to clean up our coast by collecting plastic from the shores and sorting, recording, reusing and recycling it.

How does the waste affect the environment?

Netting will get broken down over time by UV rays if left in place and the little bits of plastic get broken down by the waves crashing against the rocks. This creates microplastics that are harmful to aquatic life.

Chris commented: “It’s hard to grasp the sheer amount of plastic that ends up in the sea until you see it with your own eyes. The guys at Clean Ocean Sailing are doing a super job in their mission to clean our coastline, but it could be helped along, starting inland with just a few changes to the way we think about our use and disposal of plastics.”

How did the team get on?

 ​Everyone met up in the morning at Coverack Beach, Cornwall, where they set off on a kayak, canoe and a little rowing boat. Just around the corner from Coverack, they found a little cove and set to land to do a clean up. 

The entire stretch of beach was completely carpeted with tiny bits of broken-down plastic bottles and other plastic waste, and between all the rocks were huge tangles of nets and rope – they even found an old crab trap!

Everyone did such a fantastic job to help clean up the ocean to help protect the animals in the sea. Be sure to keep an eye out on our blogs for further charity news!

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