Charity Update for 2015: Our Biggest Year Yet!

What a year it’s been for charity! In 2015, we’ve done so much here at EducationCity.

Here’s a little update of the ultimate highlights for this year:

  • January – New Charity: we announced that, as an organisation, we’d chosen Rainbows Children’s Hospice as our new corporate charity to support.
  • Heroes vs. Villains Dress up Day: this was a brilliant dress up day, we saw heroes and villains of all kinds at EducationCity HQ. We raised over £50.00 and had an absolutely ‘heroic’ time!
  • September – Equinox24: we raised a storming £2,600 from this event, making it EducationCity’s most successful fundraising event! It’s one we’re really proud of, and one that will go down in our history.

All these fundraising events have meant that we have an exciting announcement to make!

Drumroll, please!

This year, EducationCity is pleased to announce that it has raised over £4,000 for Rainbows Children’s Hospice, whilst also supporting other charities on the side – it’s the biggest total to date for fundraising ever!

However, this record-breaking total doesn’t mean we’re just going to stop there! We’re really excited to see what the future holds supporting Rainbows for another year.

Well done EducationCity! We look forward to seeing what 2016 brings on the charity front!