Chicken or egg?

The question of which came first is one that always arises with chickens and eggs, but is so good technically because of our talented developers or does demand our developers to be of such high calibre?

Well, the latest evidence we’ve uncovered is that the former is the case as one of our students on work placement here last year, Michael Wright, has just been nominated for the .net Awards “Young Developer of the Year”. Well done, Michael!

The award aims to welcome new faces to web development, looking at under 25 year olds who have made a serious impact within the industry in the last 12 months. The judges have whittled the competition down to the last 10, and there’s been an open public vote to find the final three. We’re rooting for Michael, who is now in his last year at Staffordshire University, to go all the way and take the title, as the work he did on our internal systems truly deserves him to.

Best of luck, Michael, and we look forward to working with you again once you graduate!