Childhood Memories You Just Can’t Forget…

To help bring back those happy, nostalgic thoughts, we’ve taken a look into five favourite childhood memories we can’t forget.

Children’s TV Shows

A memory that’s not to be forgotten is children’s TV. Whether your favourite show was Tracey Beaker, Grange Hill or ChuckleVision, we all remember their theme tunes and how much we loved to come home from school and watch them!

Family Holidays

We treasure our family holidays, as they hold precious memories with loved ones. You won’t forget the journey you had with your family or the friends you made, whether you stayed in Skegness or flew out to Spain, every moment counts.

Favourite Toys

We all remember that one toy we loved so much back as children. Whether that’s a teddy bear with the one eye that you spilt your juice all over (oops!) or the Game Boy your parents bought you one birthday, we had so much fun with our old toys!

Pic ‘n’ Mix Sweets

We can’t forget pic ‘n’ mix either! Of course, we had many favourite sweets including Sherbet Dip Dabs, Flumps and Candy Sticks, but admittedly, pic ‘n’ mix was our all-time favourite! (Psst… you can still buy the sweets we’ve mentioned!). The amazing pic ‘n’ mix sections we loved, especially when it came to weighing them!


Whether you like listening to ‘#ThrowbackThursday’ on Spotify or you enjoy listening to Gem or Capital FM radio, when a seriously good tune comes on from the time of our youth, we cannot help but go back to the good music of our childhood. So whether it was S Club 7, Hanson or Boyzone who got you on the dance floor at a disco, music is definitely a favourite childhood memory of ours.

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