City Today: Exciting New Updates!


Welcome to the City Today – your update on what's new at EducationCity!


New Updates!

Great news! We've just added some exciting updates to EducationCity to improve your experience. From Avatar Select to Edit Subjects, click here to see what's new.


Web Browsers

Get the most out of EducationCity by updating your web browser. Quickly check whether yours needs updating here.


In the Classroom…

Catch up with Mr. Chambers and find out how he uses PlayLive to support teaching and learning in his classroom, click here.


Producer's Pick

With PlayLive Spanish here, this Producer's Pick focuses on the Spanish module. Find out more about this fab module here.


We work hard to deliver content to support teaching in the core subjects. Find out about how our English (including our exciting English Challenge Week), Maths and Science modules can be used in the classroom.



See how the English module offers phonics content to help students learn about the sounds that make up words here.



We've plenty of maths resources to help your students get excited about maths (and times tables)! For more info, click here.



The Science module lets your students explore science and gain understanding of the world. To read more, click here.


Focus On… Manage Users

Manage Users lets you get the most from EducationCity! You can upload students so scores are automatically recorded, a great time-saving teacher feature. Click here for info.