City Today: Summer’s Nearly Here!

Welcome! This is the last City Today of the year – and what a year it's been!

The countdown to the summer holidays is here and with it being right around the corner, don't forget that EducationCity can help you prevent summer learning loss for your students during the summer.

In this City Today, we've got updates on why you should update your browser, the great, new content and features we've added recently, as well as much more! Read on to find out more.

What's New?

Get the Best Internet Experience! Make Sure Your Browser Is up to Date!

re you experiencing slow page loading speeds or screen freezes? Your browser could be out of date. By upgrading, 

not only can you be sure you're experiencing EducationCity at its very best, but all the other websites you visit too!

With faster access, fewer crashes and improved security, there are many benefits to regularly updating your web 
browser! Click here to find out more.

Use EducationCity to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

We all know that the summer holidays give students a chance to wind down. However, studies have found that a 

prolonged break away from school can mean students can regress academically.

To stop this learning loss, EducationCity's Home Access is at hand! With it, students can simply 

log in to EducationCity and continue their learning throughout the summer. Used by students anytime, anywhere, and giving parents the chance to engage with their child's learning, it's great for summer holiday learning! To read more about it, click here.

Exciting News! FREE Educational Summer Resource Packs for English and Maths!

Want to keep your students on their toes and learning over the summer with EducationCity, as well as prepare them for Year 6? Well, we've just produced some fantastic Summer Resource Packs that meet National Curriculum objectives to help you do this!
Make sure your students' parents have these packs to hand to keep children entertained over the summer break.
With engaging, enjoyable questions and challenges, as well as the opportunity to use EducationCity (including the great PlayLive Maths and English challenges), these Summer Resource Packs are great for the all-important learning of the core subjects over the summer.
Here's the Maths and the English one – see just how they can help your students over the holidays!

Now Available for the New Academic Year: New Content and Feature

We've got some great news for you! As part of our commitment to meeting your needs in the classroom, as well as helping you in your day-to-day teaching, we've just added some fantastic content to our English and French modules!
What's more, we've also added an awesome new feature – you can now export Teachers, making 
the process of downloading and printing usernames and passwords much quicker!
Check it out – find out more about it here and log in to EducationCity!


Get Organised for the Academic Year – Check out Our 2015/16 Topical Resources!

So that you know what's coming up, we've now put our Topical Resources schedule for the 
upcoming year on the blog!
We've got plans to cover British Science Week, Safer Internet Day and World Book Day as Topical Resources, as well as to offer brand new medium term plans too!
Haven't seen the plan yet? Then check it out by clicking here.

Brand New Case Study: Barking Abbey School

We're really pleased to announce the release of a fantastic new case study which is all about how Barking Abbey School in Barking use EducationCity to help and inspire the SEND students they have in their school.
It shows just how EducationCity benefits schools, as well as how Home Access is great for helping students learn. Why not give this brilliant case study a read? Click here to see it.

Send Your Colleagues the City Today Too!

Would it be handy for your colleagues to receive the City Today too? Then why not have it sent to them by us? We'll take care of sending them the City Today each month so you don't have to.
Simply open the spreadsheet on this page and complete the details by filling in the people you'd like to receive the City Today. Then, just send it to us at

That's all! Have a fantastic summer break! We'll be in touch in the new academic year!