Classroom Tidy Hacks for Back to School

Well, we’re here to give you some fantastic hints and tips on how you can make your classroom neat and back-to-school ready. Keep reading for some brilliant classroom organisation ideas!

Sort the Paperwork

With all the paperwork there is, it’s easy to get lost with it all. However, with labelled binder clips, you can keep paperwork sorted. Put labels on the plastic clips too and you’ll never lose track of what’s what again.

Tidy Whiteboard Pens

Ever put your whiteboard pens down in your classroom and then lost them? To stop this from happening, Velcro your pens to the whiteboard and point them down so they last longer. It’s a perfect idea to stop any pesky pens going astray!

Use Washing Up Racks

Use washing up racks to file folders really easily and they’ll always stay upright and neat. File them with labels so they’re even easier to access as well. Put the utensil holder to good use too and place all your stationery like pencils and pens into it.

Coloured Card Organisation

For some real organisation, sort coloured card into a filing box by colour. This will stop paper from going crumpled and you’ll know how much you have left of each colour.

Label, Label, Label

Just label everything! That way, you’ll always be organised and able to know where things are quickly. You can make labels as creative as you like too so have fun.

Colour by Subject

If you put paperwork together, label up your work by colour and have certain colours for particular subjects. This hack will make finding things even easier and organised so it’ll help you not lose track!

Washing Up Bowls

File your lesson resources or sort your reading books into clear plastic washing up bowls and label them by subject or genre. It’s a perfect classroom storage option to make things easier.

So there’s just a few classroom tidy hacks to hopefully save you time and make things a little simpler when your students are back at school.

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