Cluster Group Subscriptions

cluster group purchases with

We understand the need to make your budgets work hard for you and have come up with a number of ideas to look after the pennies. In this blog we look at cluster group subscription options.

Cluster subscriptions exist when a group of schools choose to move forward with a subscription together. The more schools that choose to participate, the higher the discount we are able to offer.

Clusters groups meet regularly and share best practice, best resources and other benefits which they have found from using They are headed by a delegated cluster co-ordinator from one of the schools participating in the cluster.    

One great example of cluster purchasing is the Bell Baxter school cluster in Fife, which has 12 subscribing schools within their group:

“Cluster Subscriptions are very advantageous as they offer consistent learning across the cluster. The high school like the fact that the kids who then attend it and who have used resources have had a consistent learning experience. It is also an active learning experience, we like it when we all get together and discuss the full understanding and experience the pupils have and the different approaches taken within the cluster. We are very glad to work with as they have the best resources and offer the most reasonable discount with the bulk purchase.“ Mr Gillespie, Head Teacher, Springfield Primary School, Fife

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