Combat Summer Learning Loss with EducationCity’s Home Access*!

The summer holidays are vital for giving children the opportunity to explore interests they have outside of school and enjoy enriching learning experiences away from the classroom. However, research** indicates that as many as one in three children can regress academically as a result of a prolonged break away from school, and we all know it can be challenging to keep children entertained for the full 5-6 week holiday period.

With EducationCity’s Home Access, students can access EducationCity throughout the entire summer holiday, summer learning loss can be minimised and children’s skills in the core subject areas of Reading and Maths in particular can be maintained!

By enabling access to EducationCity’s Home Access over the summer, students are more likely to maintain their pre-holiday knowledge and skill levels, and retain their academic momentum.

What’s more, our Home Access is particularly handy because it can be accessed by children anytime, anywhere*** which means your students can complete tasks around their other summer holiday activities.

EducationCity’s Home Access also helps:

  • parents to engage with their children’s learning
  • teachers and parents to track children’s holiday learning progress.

It’s extremely flexible! Teachers can set specific Activities for children to complete or give them the freedom to explore all of the EducationCity content that their school subscribes to!

Top Tips: How we recommend using EducationCity’s Home Access over the summer!

  1. Set summer Homework and a MyCity – Create a list of Activities or Tests that students can complete. Don’t forget that by setting a Test, a Revision Journal (the new name for a Revision Pathway in V2) is made and whenever a Test is taken, the Revision Journal will refresh automatically which means that children will be kept learning and occupied.

  2. Set up a PlayLive challenge – Challenge students to a fun and interactive PlayLive Maths, English or French challenge.

  3. Mind Map Topic Tool – Engage students with the EducationCity Mind Map Literacy Topic Tool within our English module to plan and create their very own summer story.

  4. Use our summer suggestions – We’ve compiled a list of fun summer themed Activities here.

Remember, V2 is coming over the summer holidays, so be sure to prepare students for the change too!

Interested? Add Home Access to your subscription today by calling us on 01572 725080 or emailing

* Terms and Conditions apply. Offer available to new subscribers only. Code must be provided before subscription fee is paid. Free access to the Homework module expires on 3/9/2014.

** References. Entwisle, D., K. Alexander and L. Olson, ‘Summer Learning and Home Environment’, in ‘A Notion at Risk: Preserving Public Education as an Engine for Social Mobility’, ed. by R. Kahlenberg (New York: Century Foundation Press, 2000).
Terrey, C., ‘Tackling “summer learning loss” at Grays School’, Achievement: The SIMS in Education Newsletter, Capita Business Services Limited, 2009 ( [accessed on 18th June 2014].

***Using a tablet computer or mobile device? You can access EducationCity’s FREE Homework module*  by installing the Puffin Academy for free. Simply go to the iTunes or Android store and download!