COMPETITION – Rhyme them lines!

It’s International Literacy Day today! To celebrate all things literacy we’re launching a cool competition getting pupils excited about writing!

Get writing and rhyming with our schools autumn literacy competition and win a prize money can’t buy – an artists interpretation of the winning poem, printed, framed and signed!


Write a form of poetry about anything you wish!

It could be a Haiku of your favourite character, an ode to your pet parrot or a sonnet about socks- the canvas is blank and waiting for your rhymes and prose. All poems are welcome, both silly and serious, so get your imagination ticking and put pen to paper!

Top tips to get started…

  • Decide on a subject
  • List some descriptive words
  • Your poem can be as simple or as complicated as you wish
  • What’s your style? Fun and entertaining or serious and thoughtful?
  • Use the poem to express your ideas and feelings by making good use of rhythm, rhyme, repetition, tone and language
  • Use language to create a picture in the reader’s head
  • Use your imagination and have fun!

Things to explore:

  • Research different poets and have a go at their style of writing
  • Take a look at different forms of poetry for inspiration: ballads, sonnets, odes, epitaphs, elegies, Haiku, limericks to name a few
  • Practise rhyming skills or limericks and or find out how patterns of sounds are used in poetry and give them a go: alliteration, assonance and onomatopoeia

Entry Submission Deadline: 14th October 2011 

For full competition details, how to enter, and terms and conditions, download here:


Remember to print and share with your colleagues!