The COVID-19 Slide: Supporting You with Learning Loss

EducationCity has a range of resources that can be utilised to help teachers understand gaps in knowledge and understanding. We’re going to take you through some of these below to help support you and your students in addressing learning loss.

Using Assessments to Test Across the Core Subjects

With a whole host of assessments available across mathematics, English and science, all our assessments have been pre-built by our in-house education team.

We recommend utilising our formative and unit assessments, because of their additional benefit of automatically creating a personalised collection of content (Revision Journal) filled with remedial content, designed to address gaps in understanding.

EducationCity’s assessments can also be ‘paused’ by the student and returned to later. This is perfect for students that may struggle taking an assessment in one sitting, as well as for whole-class instruction by having the assessment on the whiteboard and working through it during lessons with students.

Identifying Gaps in Understanding

EducationCity’s SuccessTracker feature also gives you in-depth information about how students performed on the assessment.

The Assessment Report available for England provides a simple-to-follow, real-time, colour-coded performance report on each of the curriculum objectives covered by the assessment. You can also choose to see your class’s results for a specific question and look in more detail to see each student’s attempt of each question.

The Student Scores Report can also provide a personalised student report on each assessment, which also includes additional information such as how long the assessment took the student, how many questions they attempted, as well as a breakdown of each question and the student’s attempt. From here, you can also access the student’s Revision Journal to see what content has been prescribed to them.

Activities for Improved Understanding

Our activities are also automatically marked, with reporting fed into the Student Scores feature. These can be used by themselves or in conjunction with assessments to provide an instant evaluation of understanding.

More Information

If you would like more information, please watch the webinar below that goes into more detail and takes you through the features or get in contact with us at 01572 725080 or