Create an Easter Card with

Use's French activity, Oeufs de Paques, to create an Easter Card within a French context.

Players create a greeting card for Easter by dragging and dropping images. They can then print the card.Easter Card

Steps in the activity

  1. Identify the word for Easter.
  2. Place the correct graphics on the card.
  3. Identify the correct greeting for Easter.

Learning Features

  • Teaches French vocabulary for Easter using visual aids.
  • Also includes graphics for Carnaval (Carnival), Bastille Day and Christmas.
  • Players can enter a personalised message.
  • Marks are deducted when graphics not related to Easter are chosen.
  • Widens their knowledge of Easter in France.
  • Great accompanying worksheets.

Oeufs de Paques can be found in French Year 3 (England)


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