Customer Satisfaction Survey 2014: The Results

Just before summer, we sent out the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to all of our schools. Thank you very much to everyone who completed it for us!

We have now evaluated all of the feedback we have received and are very pleased to be able to share our headline results with you below:

I’m sure that you’ll agree with us that the results are very impressive! We’re thrilled to get so much fantastic feedback for value for money, customer satisfaction and usage.

However, as ever, although we’ve received such fantastic feedback, we know that there’s a lot to do to keep up with the ever-changing world we live in and no time for us to rest! We are already working hard on firm plans to add even more curriculum-ready content so that we can achieve the same, if not even better, results in our Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015!

Well done EducationCity and here’s a huge thank you to everyone for helping us make EducationCity the great resource it is!