Developing Maths in the Early Years Framework Stage

With so many areas to teach in EYFS, maths is another topic that is crucial in the Early Year stage.

We use maths every day without realising, whether it be counting the right change to give in the supermarket, to deciding how much space you need for a new cupboard. This is why starting at a young age benefits children in the real world, helping them tackle any decisions in the future and getting on with their daily routine.

So what areas should you focus on when teaching maths?

Here are some suggestions, along with activities that may help you get started!

Learning numbers
The best way to introduce numbers to your students is to have them dotted around your class. How about flashcards? Make them colourful and eye-catching, so students will spot them!
Another way to integrate numbers is by hiding your flashcard around the classroom and telling your students to find them by shouting out the numbers. This will get them off their feet and is a great way for them to build relationships with other students while working in a team.

Shape, space and measures
The second area consists of students understanding how shapes, space and measuring comes into everyday life. This is the base for problem-solving and to discover what is around them in and out of class.

Measuring each other
A great way to get your students into the fun is to go outdoors and find an area where they can draw around each other. Grab a piece of chalk and take it in turns drawing around body parts. For example, get your students to draw the height of their leg with the chalk, and then measure it with a tape measure. Easy!

Shape spin
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