Did You Know… EducationCity & the Pupil Premium

Did you know that you can use your Pupil Premium funding for EducationCity?

What is the Pupil Premium?

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The Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to possible underachievement.

These include pupils who:

  • are entitled to free school meals
  • are looked after children or those that have been previously looked after by the local authority
  • are children of Armed Services personnel

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Let’s see how our features make EducationCity a good resource for your schools’ Pupil Premium funding.

  • Digital Technology: EducationCity features a range of content types across seven subjects, such as Learn Screens and Activities, that are related to a specific curriculum objective. They can be used flexibly in a number of ways for example, as a class, as individuals or in small groups.
  • Phonics: our Phonics area aims to boost phonemic understanding from the earliest possible stage and is organised into three synthetic phonics programmes – Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Read Write Inc.
  • Mastery: EducationCity has a number of features which can support the mastery approach across the curriculum such as our MyCity lesson planning tool and Tests.
  • Feedback: teachers and students can take advantage of automatic marking at various points of the learning process and our content offers reinforcement.
  • Parental Involvement: EducationCity encourages learning at home with the support of parents via Home Access*.

To find out more, read our EducationCity and the Pupil Premium information sheet.

Planning and Evaluation Templates

We’ve a fantastic range of handy templates to support your school in planning, evaluating and communicating your Pupil Premium funding.

To find out more about how you can use your Pupil Premium funding for EducationCity, call us on +44 (0)1572 725080.

*Home Access lets you access EducationCity outside of school hours.