Did you know it’s Chinese New Year this week?

Hey there buddies,

Did you know it’s Chinese New Year on Thursday, the most important of the Chinese festivals?

This year is Year of the Rabbit, and people born in this year are predicted to be affectionate, easy to get on with and pleasant. They’ll also have lots of friends but, on the down-side, be prone to being a bit soppy.

Do you know which Chinese Year you were born in? And are you like that animal? We’d love to know.

And, if you don’t think you’re like the animal of your Year, which animal do you think you are more like and why? I was born in the Year of the Rat, but I don’t think I’m very rat like! I think it should have been Year of the Meerkat because I like to be in the know about what is going on!

Simply reply to THIS blog with your answer, and we’ll give the best responses a special mention on Thursday.