Distance Learning with Parents

There are so many great ways to encourage parents to learn with their child. With new changes arising this year, it is a great way to motivate your class or child at home, so they are continuing to learn with no disruption to their learning and learning loss.

Let’s see below for some ideas…

Structured learning activities

I know it can seem overwhelming understanding your child’s learning and you may not be too sure how to continue this at home, so, the best way is having a routine. With some schools now reopening, while others continue with distance learning, why not create a schedule? Engage with short bursts of activities that last around 20 minutes and treating them with a small break, so they feel refreshed and ready to work on their next activity.

Make time for physical activities

It’s really easy for your child to be spending their time indoors, so make sure they get out for fresh air! Not only will this boost their energy for more learning, but having many breaks throughout the day will help them to focus and keep them motivated. Factor in time as things may take a little longer than usual – we are all going through a new change!


Adjusting to virtual classrooms and adapting to new methods of teaching may take time, which is why we need to remember to reward students for their hard work! Why not reward them with a Game on EducationCity once they’ve completed their activity?

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