DIY Student Confidence Boosters

As a teacher, you have an influence on your students and the ability to make them feel confident to learn. So that you’re helping your students to grow their confidence in the right way and altogether, we’ve come up with some tips you can do yourself to encourage them to be more confident. You probably do most of our tips already, but there may be some you can get inspiration from.

1. Offer Praise

Whether individually or in front of the whole class, praising and acknowledging your students’ accomplishments as much as possible can make them feel more confident about themselves and help them speak up. Plus, if you do need to suggest something a student could work more on, why not start with a positive statement to help?

2. Positive Attitude

Adopt a positive attitude towards your students to show that you are on their side. That way, they’ll be more confident to talk around you and perhaps even tell you when they have an issue with learning material.

3. Differentiated Learning

You could give your students opportunities to learn in different ways. Not only will some ways of learning suit some students over others, but they’ll have the opportunity to maximise their confidence in using different learning material.

With EducationCity, you can differentiate learning through our many content types – this is a great way to ensure different students’ skills are being supported.

Take a look at our learning styles blog here that details which EducationCity content types are ideal for certain learners.

4. Make Teaching Relevant

Teaching in context and using real life examples means you’ll be introducing or going over content in a situation that your students are familiar with. For instance, using shopping to learn about coins or baking to learn about time are great ways to make teaching relevant, and can give students confidence in their learning and understanding.

How do you encourage your students’ confidence in the classroom? We’d love to hear so make sure you tweet us to @EducationCity.