Do you think you can beat’s very own Literacy PlayLive Champion?

This morning we challenged our very own trainer, Ellen, to get her best score at Literacy PlayLive, and she managed to get 63.

Do you think you can beat this?

If so, remember to send the screenshot of your classroom score to: The class with the highest scores wins an goodie bag!

Featured Topic Tool of the Day

Today, the featured Topic Tool for National Storytelling Week is the Teleprompter Tool, which is a classroom tool that helps you to engage children in shared reading and individual performance activities.

With a built-in text bank, it contains extracts from stories, poems and examples of traditional verse. The Teleprompter Tool also has a very useful option to upload your own text – perfect for narrating your own stories!

You can really let your pupils’ imaginations run wild and have them waxing lyrical by the end of your lesson! Get lost in storytelling by narrating your favourite stories and your own text. Use the whiteboard as a projector screen to engage the whole class.

This is available in the following regions and years:

  • England: Years 1 to 7
  • Scotland: First ** to Second ***
  • Wales: Years 1 to 7
  • Northern Ireland: P3 to P7

We hope that between trying to win the Literacy PlayLive challenge and using the Teleprompter Tool, you have your classrooms literacy sparks ignited all day!