Does Your Web Browser Need Updating?

Here at EducationCity, we want you to make the most of your subscription and all the exciting and engaging content that it includes. If you’re experiencing slow page loading speeds, crashes and screen freezes, and perhaps missing elements of our pages, then the problem could be that your web browser is out of date.

By upgrading your browser every year, you can be sure you’re experiencing EducationCity, and all the other websites you visit, at their very best, and keeping your school’s PCs and network secure too!

What Is a Web Browser?

A web browser is a type of software that lets you access the Internet and view websites. You might be familiar with some of the better known ones, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

What Are the Benefits of Updating Your Web Browser?

As well as having the best possible experience of EducationCity, updating your web browser will help you get more from the Internet as a whole.

1. Faster access, fewer crashes and screen freezes

  • No missing animations, videos or features
  • Faster page-loading
  • Fewer crashes and screen freezes

2. Improved security

  • Increased protection against viruses and spyware

See these benefits in summary here

How Can I Update My School's Web Browser?

Well here’s the good news. It’s FREE, easy and quick for your ICT Co-ordinator to do! Each web browser may perform slightly differently so you may want to discuss the options as a school group, and some schools and organisations are limited to a particular web browser, but whichever browser you opt for, we’d simply recommend upgrading to the latest version available.

Should you have any problems with the update, we’re always here to help. Just give us a call on 01572 725080!

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