Don’t Forget About the SATs Revision Timetables We’ve Prepared for You!

As SATs are fast approaching, we wanted to remind schools about how EducationCity can help prepare your students and support them in having the best chance of success in their upcoming tests.

One way we can help is by reminding you of the two fantastic revision timetables for English and Mathematics we’ve prepared for students, which are aimed to be completed over 10 days. The timetables include educational and enjoyable resources from EducationCity with different types of content being offered, such as Activities, Topic Tools, Learn Screens and ThinkIts, helping to firmly hold students’ engagement.

What’s more, they’ve also been created with our in-house primary school teachers who each specialise in English or Mathematics, which means we’ve focussed on providing you with the best resources possible for your students, with the right expertise.

The English revision timetable has resources which have been handpicked to address areas of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, perfect for preparing students for the English SATs tests. Click here to access the English revision timetable.

The Mathematics revision timetable has also been designed to help students specifically with the requirements that the SATs tests demand, as it covers topics from the number, measure and geometry parts of the curriculum. Click here to access the Mathematics revision timetable.

Why not start revising now? Whether you are a subscriber to EducationCity or on trial with us, you can log in today to access the resources – you can even easily print off the timetables to help!

Haven’t got access to EducationCity? Then why not take a complimentary trial today? Simply click here to sign up or call on 01572 725080 – we’ll be happy to set you up with access!