Early Years Foundation Stage – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Continuing with the 7 areas of the EYFS, Personal, Social and Emotional Development is an important factor – a prime area that helps children develop and adjust to real-life situations.

The three areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is split into three areas: making relationships with others, understanding and managing feelings and behaviour, and self-confidence and self-awareness. Let’s break these down further to see how we can integrate these into your classes!

Making relationships

Building a relationship with others in your class is a great way for your student to play with one another and to develop their interaction skills.  Why not pick five things that you could ask your students and see who has similar or the same interest? E.G put your hands up if you have siblings? This will show similarities between students which they can discuss further, for example, how many siblings do they have.

Managing feelings and behaviour

Teach your students to understand the good from the bad, how to behave in different environments & their feelings. Try out our Activity Sheet ‘On the Bus’ on EducationCity, which helps students identify good and bad behaviour through images! ID number 5476

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Need ways to boost your students in building their confidence in certain situations? Exploring this in class will encourage students to grow into their own shoes, with the ability to work with others or individually.

Ask your students to draw three things, for example, a star, a flower and a house. Only tell them once, and see if they know how to draw all three without any help or repeating what to do. This is a good way to see if your students are listening, making sure they are aware of what is happening around them and being confident in drawing what they’ve been told to do.

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