Expressive Arts and Design – Early Years Framework Stage

Exploring and Using Media and Materials

The first area of Expressive Arts and Design is exploring and using media and materials. This is a great way for children to experiment with different materials, and using all of their senses.
Way to develop this is by singing songs, dancing and listening to music, which is where nursery songs come in, learning the words and dance moves. It also includes identifying movements and tools where they can understand different designs, textures and shapes.

Another way to get students outside is telling them to walk around collecting leaves, twigs and other things they can find and discuss the different textures, shapes and forms of each of these. Once they have collected them, tell them to build something! It could be a house on the floor, or a flower, whatever they fancy!

The great thing about each area is that they all interlink! This also relates to Understanding the World and would be a great way to build on both areas.

Being Imaginative

The second area of Expressive Arts and Design Being Imaginative. This is where exploring and curiosity for students come in. The above ideas work for both areas so try them out!

Why not create a mini play! It would be a great way for students to get involved with role play, where they can dance and learn different techniques and movements from other characters.
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