Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is a global event and more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in the largest day of action in the world, where people try to make a positive difference to the world we live in.

If you’d like to find out more about Earth Day, we’d suggest taking a look at the official website, where you’ll find some fantastic downloadable Lesson Plans and Activities that focus on the issue of plastic pollution.

Let’s go through a few pieces of EducationCity’s Science content you can use to support KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) students’ learning on the theme…



Plastic: #13843 – What do we use plastic for and why?

Plastic Plans: #14986 – Can you think of ten things made of plastic?

Material World: #15021 – How many different materials can you think of?

Learn ScreensScience Content

Bits and Bobs: #13377 – Looking at common objects and seeing what material they are typically made from.

Junkyard: #12616 – A tutorial on properties such as flexibility, absorbency and rigidity.


Hardware Store: #545 – Identify the material that different objects are made of.

Mine for Diamonds: #549 – Identify which rock is most suitable for the purpose described.



Plastic, Wood and Newspaper: #13860 – Which is the odd one out and why from plastic, wood and newspaper?

Comparing Objects: #13753 – Which of the following is the odd one out: rice, water or plastic?

Insulation Materials: #13748 – How many materials can you think of that make good insulators?

Learn ScreensScience Content

Melt Down: #12651 – Understanding that different materials have different melting points.

Blast Off: #12660 – Explore the properties of different materials.


Speed Bumps Game: #1777 – Explore friction by changing a track’s surface materials and the effect such surfaces have on a car’s motion and ability to climb hills.

Vanish: #918 – Decide whether the material is soluble or insoluble.

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