Earth Day Puzzle

Hey Fan Club Buddies,

It is Earth Day on April 22nd, a day which helps raise awareness about the environment and how we can make it better to help save it and prevent beautiful species in forests from getting endangered!

Have you been doing anything fun in your classroom for Earth Day?

Klara has been enjoying getting ready for Earth Day as she wants to reduce her carbon footprint! A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide which we produce from the stuff we use, for example, driving in cars instead of walking or turning up the central heating instead of putting a jumper on.

This week Klara has been travelling to school by both bike and roller skates but can you tell us whether she went by roller skates or bike this morning but using the code in the puzzle below?

Follow the code below which shows other ways of being environmentally friendly, such as wind turbines, recycling, solar panels and not chopping down trees, and tell us what the answer is!