Educational Football-Related Maths Activities for Your Lessons

That’s exactly why we’ve been thinking about some ways you can bring football games into your lessons with an educational benefit. So let’s go and explore them!

Football Players & Money

Well, who isn’t interested in this area of football? It’s always a great conversation point! To turn this area into an educational activity, you can take footballers and their worth, and give your students a sheet with around 40 footballers on and how much they were bought/sold for. With this, you can create a fun activity by asking your students to put a mock ‘fantasy’ team together and give them a set budget to buy 11 players with – they’ll have to use certain skills in order to do it.

Football & Addition

Fantastic for younger students who are learning about addition, this game involves using football concepts that involve numbers, such as goals or penalties, and working out addition problems from them. For instance, you could give your students a sheet with a filled-in league table on it and ask them to work out certain problems such as ‘how many goals did X team score?’ or ‘which team conceded the most penalties?’ This is a great way to practise addition and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like for your students depending on their learning level.

Football Teams: Mode, Median, Mean & Range

Another great activity that you can do with football is to print out a sheet of footballers and include their ages or heights, and then ask your students to work out a range of problems with regards to this in terms of mode, median, mean and range – great fun!

Football-Related Lesson Resources on EducationCity

We’ve also picked out a range of football-related resources on EducationCity. We also have lots of resources on other sports too! To find them on EducationCity, just search for the ID number.

Learn Screens

Upper Key Stage 2

Football Football: #12797 – Using a grid and line of symmetry to reflect triangles.

Football Football: #12810 – Using a grid and line of symmetry to reflect shapes.Goals, Goals, Goals Activity


Key Stage 1

Football Mad: #278 – Solve simple word problems set in real life.

Goals, Goals, Goals!: #25576 – Interpret different division vocabulary in order to divide 2, 5 and 10.

Upper Key Stage 2

Football Mad: #486 – Simplify algebraic expressions.

Some Activities are accompanied with maths worksheets, which are also known as Activity Sheets, so don’t forget to look at these too for extra learning resources.

If you’d like to try out the resources mention above, just log in to EducationCity. If your school doesn’t have EducationCity though, just sign up for a trial to try them out.