EducationCity and The Orlando Pirates FC Learning Centre, South Africa

The Orlando Pirates FC Learning Centre is based in Orlando, South Africa and is for learners from 14 different schools where enrichment of the local community takes place through education and ICT. The Learning Centre uses ICT to improve learners’ skills in Maths, English and Science, so EducationCity is the perfect fit for them!

The Learning Centre has been particularly impressed by EducationCity’s Activities and has found them thoroughly beneficial. Jude Capel, the Learning Centre’s Manager, explains: “We were astounded by the impact that the Activities and other content had on the young people in the UK when we used EducationCity with them and could only imagine what this educational resource could do for learners in South Africa. Bringing the resource back to South Africa, and seeing the impact it makes on the skills learners gain through using it, has been a dream come true!

“We use preselected Activities in MyCity for all learners when they first attend the Learning Centre. This gives us a benchmark of their skills and from here, we are able to prescribe Activities for learners to develop themselves. We have seen good improvements in English and Maths with most learners improving by more than 23%. Some learners have gone on to improve drastically by more than 80%!“The learners do not realise that they are learning as they are having fun and challenging themselves to achieve highly in the Activities. It is always their best part of their day when they get to use the computers and access EducationCity.”

The Orlando Pirates FC Learning Centre has also stated that they have found EducationCity particularly useful when reporting progress back to schools as EducationCity’s SuccessTracker is perfect for showing schools just how much their learners have improved.

Here, at EducationCity, we are absolutely delighted that the Orlando Pirates FC Learning Centre is benefitting from and enjoying using EducationCity!

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The above video is by Acer for Education showing students from the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre. EducationCity is featured within it!