EducationCity Can Help You Combat Summer Learning Loss!

Whilst the summer holidays are great for giving students a breather and a chance to explore the world around them, studies have found that as many as one in three children can regress academically due to a break away from school*.

We also know it can be a challenge to keep children entertained throughout the holiday. So, with this in mind, we wanted to let you know how EducationCity can help you keep students engaged in learning and activities over the summer.

With our Home Access, students can log in to EducationCity and continue their learning throughout the holidays, which is really important for the core subject areas of English and Maths.

Home Access is particularly handy because it can be used by children anytime, anywhere which means your students can learn around their other holiday activities!

It allows parents to engage with their child’s learning, teachers and parents to track students’ progress and is really flexible; you can set Activities to complete or let students freely explore content your school subscribes to.

Handy Hints for Using EducationCity’s Home Access Over the Summer

1.      Create a MyCity and set Homework – put Activities and Tests together for students to complete. When setting a Test, a personalised Revision Journal is pulled together and refreshed every time a test is taken, meaning children keep learning.

2.      Set a PlayLive challenge – challenge students with PlayLive Maths, English and French.

3.      Mind Map Topic Tool – plan and create a fantastic story with this very helpful tool!

If you’re interested, why not give us a call to find out more about Home Access and how you can subscribe on 01572 725080 or emailing

Need to access EducationCity on a mobile device? Install Puffin Academy! Click here for more info.

*Terrey, C., ‘Tackling “summer learning loss” at Grays School’, Achievement: The SIMS in Education Newsletter, Capita Business Services Limited, 2009 ( [accessed on 18th June 2014].