and the new National Curriculum

Recently, details for a new National Curriculum for primary schools, effective from 2014, were released by the Department for Education.

Highlights of the new curriculum include:

  • teaching of a Modern Foreign Language being made compulsory for all children from the age of seven
  • the expectation to recite poems from the age of five
  • pupils to know their 12 times tables by the age of nine.



 is an ideal resource to support these changes offering engaging Spanish, German and French resources perfect for primary aged pupils. MFL uses activities and Topic Tools to help acquire, reinforce and practise a language.

To help reinforce learning times tables, we have a range of content types designed to engage learners of all kinds including Topic Tools, activities, the extremely popular Play Live Maths arena and songs.

Our Teleprompter Tool is an ideal tool to be used with poetry providing opportunities for students to engage in shared reading, fluency building, and individual performance activities.

The Teleprompter tool also allows pupils to upload poems they have written themselves or any poems by their favourite poets.

The Production and Development team are constantly adding activities and tools to modules that address specific curriculum requirements keeping our service to schools relevant and up-to-date with the latest education developments.

If you would like to discuss how helps support your curriculum, do not hesitate to contact us.