Featured in Recent Study on Dyslexia! has have been included in a remarkable study to improve pupils’ spelling using IT rather the traditional textbooks!

The study*, carried out by a teacher in East Renfrewshire over 5 years, was conducted on pupils in P3-P7. It found that children who were either mildly dyslexic or had problems with interpreting words, had improved their spelling ages in a school year by an average of 14 months and in some cases, up to 30 months, by using!

Dyslexia can often go undiagnosed in the classroom and it is thought that one in ten people are dyslexic. The life-long condition causes difficulties in reading, writing and spelling and is better identified sooner rather than later.   

Fiona Lyon, the Head of Additional Support at Our Lady of the Missions in East Renfrewshire, discovered there had been significant improvement in spelling after using and adapting the activities to the needs of her pupils. Using traditional methods had been less successful, whereas she found that using IT based programmes had created “astoundingly” successful results. Fiona realised that tailor-making the activities for the pupils and creating a bank of pupil-led activities also helped with independent learning.

“I suppose I could say I can't imagine life before EducationCity! Seriously though, it permeates across our school, all 24 classes, and is used in many different ways from Promethean whole class lesson starters, activities and revision to assessment and individualised programmes as well as homework. I have led several CPD sessions on its use with teachers and have showcased it at several curriculum evenings for parents. Teachers, parents and pupils have always enthused about it and I think possibly that is what makes it so attractive – the pupils are learning but think they are playing. My whole approach to supporting a pupil's learning is that it should be fun. Each child is responsible for their learning pace and can often choose their games allowing even the least able to be successful, confident individuals.” Fiona Lyon, Head of Additional Support, Our Lady of the Missions School

It’s great to hear about the impact has in the classroom and it demonstrates our dedication to improving learning and attainment. We are committed to providing educational services and products to children in all learning groups, whilst delivering in a fun, creative and highly motivating manner!

* Lyon,F, 2011., “The Assessment of Spelling Ability and Intervention using IT Based Spelling Software in P3-P7”

**For further information on the study TES and The Scotsman.