in China!


Recently our Managing Director, Richard Whalley, was lucky enough to visit China to see how is being used across schools that are teaching English. 

In particular, he wanted to see how activities were being used as an integral part of the English programme of learning and experience for himself how popular it is with so many Chinese pupils.

Whilst there he visited 11 schools with our local partner, EPSO (Beijing). At each school, Richard was greeted by welcoming displays and performances from the children and he was lucky enough to take part in classroom activities using

Families in China are embracing the English language and are keen to give their children an early advantage by ensuring they have opportunities to learn the language and also understand the British culture. One school even had a dining room where children would learn about the way we eat our food. 

Schools have embraced the EducationCity characters and have displayed them all around the classrooms and school corridors. There is even an school being opened by the BEST Kindergarten Group in Shenyang, Northern China.

The work in China is a continuation of the global growth of in areas where the English language is an important part of a child’s education and also in international English speaking schools.

If you are interested in using EducationCity in your own education setting or acting as an agent in your own country you can contact us here.