in Turkish Schools is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Caglayan Kitabevi, a Turkish publishing company. Under the agreement, Caglayan will supply to schools across Turkey.

Founded in 1952,  Caglayan Kitabevi has a long standing relationship at all levels of the Turkish education system and is focused on growing e-learning resources within the country'schools.  

This deal is part of a larger government initiative called the Fatih project, which promises to invest heavily in ICT infrastructure in all Turkish schools. was seen by Caglayan as the perfect e-learning tool to encourage young learners and also help improve standards of English.         

“Caglayan is so happy to be working with, we believe that lots of schools in Turkey will use the resource, because it’s an  engaging way to learn and lots of schools are committed to providing e-learning to their pupils. is the best online curriculum resource in the world because pupils love the activities and teachers get results at the end. 

A major problem we have is the teaching of English and other languages. As everybody knows, the Fatih project is the biggest education project in the world. Our Minister of Education is paying lots of attention to this project as he wants our pupils to have enhanced learning and speak better English. Also, he wants to change our system from teacher based to student based. will be successful as part of the Fatih project as it provides individual learning opportunities.”

Tan Caglayan, Director, Caglayan

“We are delighted to be working with Caglayan and excited to see being used in schools across Turkey. The interest that has been demonstrated already shows the real potential to use our resource with both teachers and students right across the world!”

Richard Whalley, Managing Director,