join school’s celebrations!

Yesterday, Ellen and Sayle from the team at travelled down to join Warren Park Primary in Portsmouth to celebrate the Year 6 pupils’ successful year in a dedicated assembly.

“We were really excited to receive an invite from Warren Park Primary; it’s great to meet the staff and pupils who use our product first hand. It was an exciting day all round, which started with a tour of the school and an insight into how is used by staff and pupils.”


Warren Park PresentationEllen and Sayle presented some rather funky certificates to year 6 pupils and the headmaster along with a motivational speech as congratulations for their recent successes.

These celebrated achievements became known to the team at after Warren Park’s E-Learning coordinator, Mr Brannigan, studied and evaluated the effectiveness of in the classroom for year 6. The pupils answered thousands of test questions in correctly and the study, due to be published in the autumn, demonstrated impressive improvements of pupil attainment levels across board.

“’s SuccessTracker provides a personalised mathematics diagnostic for each pupil, allowing them to access their own specific learning goals and targets. From activities generated to suit each goal most pupils were able to accelerate their learning at all levels.” Tom Brannigan.

We are thrilled to see such fantastic results from one of our subscribing schools. It’s great to see first hand what a positive contribution our product can make to pupils’ education. But let’s not forget all of the hard work and dedication of the staff and pupils of Warren Park. We were thoroughly impressed by the school’s enthusiasm and positive attitude.