EducationCity.Com Launch National Science Week 2012! are pleased to announce the launch of our National Science and Engineering Week 2012 page!

On March 9th, National Science & Engineering Week (NSEW) commences and we have everything you need to pack lessons with fun, informative resources all around this year’s theme, “The World in Motion.” What’s more, it’s free to download and printer friendly from today, March 7th.     

Access our Science Week page by clicking here.

Our fantastic resources include:

ThinkIts – We have specially designed six ThinkIts for Science Week. Use them with your class for a fun and exciting way to get your pupils thinking fast!

Fact Sheets – We have a selection of twelve interesting fact sheets with all you need to know about how the earth, climate, body and planets work in motion.                                                           

Science Investigations – Have fun in the classroom with our three intriguing science experiments.

Featured Activities and Topic Tools – Keep checking our blog for featured activities and Topic Tools to complement the ThinkIts and The World in Motion theme!

Photo Gallery – We have a gallery of real life photos to display on your whiteboard, the perfect accompaniment to our fact sheets.

Also, keep checking our Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on NSEW 2012!