Sponsors Charity Trip to Mongolia

Recently, supported a local charity's 10,000 mile trip in an ambulance over to a Mongolian orphanage.

The team members from the charity, Denise and Chris, were doing a trip to Mongolia to donate an ambulance with a large supply of goodies from local businesses, to support a Mongolian orphanage. provided 3 reconditioned laptops for children to use, a customer account for access to our product and a sticker of all our lovable characters to be placed on the side of the ambulance.   

The journey will see Denise and Chris driving across to Eastern Europe in the ambulance, then into Ukraine where they will stop off and visit a local children’s orphanage,  then continuing  over some difficult terrain along the TransSiberian highway, through Kazakhstan, back into Russia then onward into Mongolia heading for the capital Ulaanbaatar. What a long trip for a great cause!

We wish Denise and Chris a safe journey to Mongolia and we hope the children in the orphanage love using as much as we do!