’s BRAND NEW Activity of the Day!

Buenas Tardes! If you have been following us on Twitter and Facebook today you will notice that our theme for the day at the office has been Spanish MFL as we have a brand new Spanish activity!

Our Brand New MFL Spanish Activity of the Day

Dormitorio Desordenado

Today we have been glued to the new activity in Spanish, Dormitorio Desordenado. The activity sees Klara looking for items in her bedroom in order to put them in her suitcase. The children must find the items which are listed on the screen and drop them in Klara’s suitcase. There is also a dictionary provided on the information screen with a picture of the item alongside it's Spanish name in order to help associate the pictures with the words. This activity helps with the Language and Learning Strategies part of the curriculum by reading and memorising words.

You can find this activity in Spanish Year 4 activities.


The Spanish Language

Spanish is spoken in over 20 countries worldwide and is the third most spoken language by a total number of speakers (behind Mandarin and English). It is also the second most studied language and second most used language in international communication around the world. Although, different regions in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries have their own dialect, the most spoken dialect is Castellano (Castilian).

Why it is important to learn another language

The ideal age to start learning a language is when children are young, when they are more receptive to learning different sounds. Learning another language helps them to develop intellectually and gain a clearer understanding and appreciation of people from other countries and cultures.

If you do not already subscribe to our Modern Foreign Language module, then definitely consider it as learning another language has so many benefits –  not only now but also in the future!