EducationCity Donates Two Laptops to The Jesuit Nevett Fund for Children

In support of The Nevett Fund for Children, a charity which provides opportunities to advance the education and training for children and young persons in India, two teachers from Westfield Infant School, Hinckley, have been to St Mathias Primary School in India to help teach students there.

To support the charity and teachers, Louise Hamilton and Pippa Guest, EducationCity donated two laptops and a complete subscription to its learning resources, to help students at St Mathias Primary School with their learning.

Before the visit, the teachers from Westfield Infant School, were involved in a training session with EducationCity’s Regional Manager, Daniel Cresswell. Dan, along with James Lison, Senior Producer, also used this opportunity to hand over the donated laptops (see photo above). The session was organised to give them the knowledge of how to make full use of the EducationCity resources whilst in India, and to be able pass that knowledge on to the teachers in India. At the training session, Louise Hamilton commented, “the laptops will be great as they will provide a different and valuable tool to the students’ learning”.

Pippa Guest also said, “we are excited to show EducationCity to the school in India, it will be great for their learning”.

Phil Nevett, Secretary of The Nevett Fund for Children, commented, “we are delighted to have helped forge a link between St Mathias School in Pondicherry, Westfield Infants School in Hinckley and EducationCity. A good education and online training is definitely the way forward. The laptops and software donated by EducationCity will make a fundamental change to both students and teachers at St Mathias. Thank you’.

You can read about how the teachers’ trip went by going on the Westfield Infant School’s blog by clicking here.

To find out more about The Jesuit Nevett Fund for Children, click here to be directed to the charity’s Facebook page.

We hope the students from St Mathias Primary School enjoyed their learning with EducationCity on their brand new laptops and that Louise Hamilton and Pippa Guest had a brilliant time!