EducationCity English Content to Help Your Students with Their SATs

Today, we’re going to focus on English content, so to help out, we’ve put together a fantastic list of KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) Activities on EducationCity, that’ll be great for supporting the learning of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

So, let’s take a look at the Activities…

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KS1English Content

Spelling in the Drizzle: #28218 – Order the sounds in the spoken words and then spell them. Children apply different spelling rules, deciding which letters to use for the sounds.

Stig’s Spelling Wall: #27571 – Learn to spell a selection of common exception words by selecting the correct spellings and dragging letters to form words.

Moon Mission: #148 – Explore spelling patterns of consonants when a suffix is added.

Slam Dunk: #17 – Spelling high frequency words ‘a’ to ‘f’.

Grammar Street: #26673 – To compose sentences using the correct grammar and punctuation.

Amazing Punctuation: #25690 – Punctuate simple sentences with full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.

KS2English Content

Words Win Prizes: #102 – Spell words with common prefixes.

Cave Escape: #731 – Spelling words with unstressed vowels.

Rapid Rounders: #1843 – To mark direct speech using speech marks and commas where required.

Force Field: #180 – Match punctuation marks to their definitions.

River Deep: #757 – Practise using commas to mark grammatical boundaries within sentences with prompts to help.

Safari, So Good: #32813 – Understand how a colon is used to punctuate a list within a sentence.


Be sure to visit the GOV.UK website, where you’ll find a National Curriculum Assessments Calendar, which includes important dates and deadlines to help with your SATS preparation planning.

We have a great pack to help you out too! Take a look at the English SATS Preparation Lesson Plans Resource Pack for further lesson inspiration.

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