EducationCity Features You Might Not Know About

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Assessing progress with MyCity

MyCity is not only ideal for targeted learning where you can quickly group content for whole classes, groups or individual students, for homework or classwork, but it is also great for assessing progress too.

Each MyCity you create has a Tracking tab, which lets you track students’ progress from the content set within a MyCity*. It’s really handy for seeing students’ attainment levels and is a great way to see any weaknesses too.

Aiding mastery with SuccessTracker

A fantastic progress monitoring tool, SuccessTracker automatically records all Activity and Test scores to save you time. Here, you can also filter the data you’d like to view and export it for reporting purposes.

However, another benefit of SuccessTracker is the fact that you can see any weaker scores and then reset work to individual students in a MyCity to ensure mastery – just press the orange plus button beside a content item in SuccessTracker to do this.

Aligning to objectives with the Curriculum Map

The Curriculum Map allows you to easily find content relating to the curriculum objectives you’re teaching. Here, not only can you ensure you’re meeting curriculum objectives, but you can also add any content directly into a MyCity for your students to do as classwork or homework, saving you valuable time – perfect!

Encouraging progress with MySuccessCurriculum Map

Heard of MySuccess just yet? MySuccess allows students to see all their Activity and Test scores whether this is via Pick and Play, or Homework and Classwork MyCities. As students can easily see their scores, for any weaker scores they have, they can also replay content very simply from here to try and achieve a better score – perfect for improving their progress independently.

Personalised learning with MyRevision

Lastly, we also have MyRevision which is a fantastic tool where, after taking a Test, if less than 100% is scored, a personalised Revision Journal** is generated for students in MyRevision. It’s made up of a range of Activities and Learn Screens that are automatically gathered together based on a student’s previous Test scores, so they can simply focus on the areas where they need to improve.

To try out any of the features listed above and see how they can directly help your teaching and learning, just log in to EducationCity.

*Scores will only be able to view on the Tracking tab if Students have been assigned to a MyCity.

**For England, Spelling Tests will not generate Revision Journals.