EducationCity Mentioned in QA Education Magazine

Moorlands Junior School, an EducationCity subscriber, was recently visited by QA Education magazine to find out how they use EducationCity in the classroom. The magazine observed how a Year 4 class used the Mathematics module to learn about symmetry.

Teacher of the Year 4 class, Tom Phillips (above), began by demonstrating to students the symmetry of an object in front of a mirror line. When the students had seen this, they were then instructed to log in to EducationCity’s Mathematics module on their notebooks, using their own usernames and passwords, and were directed to go through a series of questions on an Activity which progressively got harder.

Reviewing how the students use the Mathematics module, Shirley Chisnall of QA Education commented: “In every Mathematics Activity, content is made as clear to understand as possible, with visual and audible reinforcements for every answer. It is the combination of large text, clear voice-over, colourful graphics and fun music that makes EducationCity’s Mathematics content appeal to all learners”.

Mr Phillips added: “I really can’t speak highly enough of the system. The Activities all relate to the objectives set out in the National Curriculum. It keeps a record of each pupil and I can track the progress of every student and see how they are doing.

Mr. Phillips also commented that “it’s brilliant, the children don’t actually see it as learning but they actually get so much from it”.

To read more about Moorlands Junior School and their usage of EducationCity’s Mathematics module, click here to be directed to the full article, ‘Exciting e-learning programme ignites interest in maths’, on pages 5 to 7 in the QA magazine.