EducationCity Resources to Help Students with Their Reading

Let’s delve further into some EducationCity content within the English module

Teleprompter Topic Tool (#2159-#2164)English Reading Activity

The Teleprompter Topic Tool helps you engage students in shared reading, fluency building and individual performance activities. The Teleprompter has a very useful built-in text bank and the option to upload your own text, making the tool relevant to your current projects – brilliant!

Sentence Builder (#2095-#2100)

This tool enables you to create a range of sentences, so your students can drag and drop the word boxes in order to construct the sentence. This Topic Tool also reinforces the use of capital letters and full stops, and supports students with learning how to construct full sentences.

Below you’ll find some of our KS1 and KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) ThinkIts, Learn Screens and Activities, to support your students’ reading development.

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Performing a Poem: #14040 – Look at the poem, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, then practise reading it aloud to perform to an audience.

Facts and Details: #14033 – Help Stig to find out some information on frogs.  You can read the whole text or scan for the important words.

Learn Screens 

Billy and Ed’s Adventure: #27572 – Students listen to a story being read to them and select leading questions as discussion points, to talk about in small groups.

Mouse in the House: #12827 – Explore and practise the /ou/ grapheme in both single words and a story.


Holiday Reading: #34371 – Read a variety of sentences. Select the sentences with the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

A Day in the Park: #25756 – Read extracts from the story and answer the questions.



Spelling and Reading in Pairs: #13668 – Practise spelling words with a partner.

Drawing Conclusions: #14042 – Read the bullet point facts about the city of Athens and write a brief summary of the information, consisting of no more than two sentences.

Learn Screens

In Character: #12935 – Explore characterisation by thinking about how they look, what they say or do, what they think and how others interact with them.

The Writing Process: #19993 – Understand the revising stage of the writing process.


Fact Finder: #12369 – Explore the issue of school expansion through reading a range of texts.

Savvy Stories: #34375 – Read a piece of text and identify the main ideas by answering questions.

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