EducationCity Seeks Charities Requiring Help

As well as welcoming in the new school year, autumn also heralds the start of EducationCity’s Charity Day schedule for the coming year.
EducationCity gives each of its 100-strong workforce one day per year to dedicate to a charitable cause close to their hearts, with a view to giving something back to the community. All the company asks is that the charity supports children or young people, is educational in some way or that it supports the local community.
So, if your charity needs help getting a project up and running or could do with some extra help, please contact EducationCity to see if they can support you. Simply call 01572 725080 and ask for Kate Sanderson, or email her directly on
In the past, teams have helped with a Guide Unit’s camp, worked on various projects at Rocks by Rail, built bat boxes for the Rutland Water Nature Reserve and driven for the Children of Chernobyl charity.