EducationCity supports Parental Engagement

'Parental engagement' is a key priority for all school stakeholders, and supports all schools in turning this vision into a reality. The importance of parents as partners in learning is indisputable and it has long since been recognised that positive parental involvement has a direct influence on pupils’ attainment. While learning platforms provide parents with a view into their child's work and other information, such as attendance, providing access to learning resources and activities – either within or outside a learning platform – facilitates real interaction and discussion between parent and child. provides a learning experience to share’s Homework module can be the catalyst for interaction and discussion between parent and child as it gives both the opportunity to share in the same learning experience – and have fun at the same time! The short, bright, colourful activities are filled with humour and engage both parties, and at the end of the shared exercise, because provides immediate feedback, parent and child can go through the questions and answers together. This alone helps parents show interest in their child’s learning, indicate how important education is to their child, and allows them to offer support where it’s specifically needed.

What’s more, the facility to print off certificates on an ad hoc basis, gives the parent an immediate and valued reward to encourage learning, be it for effort upon good progress, or for achievement when the child gets full, or near-full, marks. is committed to the home/school partnership is 100% behind embracing all possibilities to enhance the home/school partnership and parental participation. The Homework module has been particularly well received by schools and parents alike, as the benefits to home/school links are in evidence even in the short-term.