EducationCity & the Nevett Fund for Children

We’re pleased to say that on top of our charity work for Rainbows, we’ve also helped the Nevett Fund for Children* again! 

You may remember that we recently had an update from St Mathias High School in Pondicherry, India, about the laptops we donated to them in late 2014 and how they’ve been a big help in their classrooms! (Click here to read this.)

Well, following this, on Monday 28th September, EducationCity's Kate Sanderson (HR Manager) and James Lison (Senior Producer), went to a special event at Westfield Infants School in Leicestershire.  They were there to meet Sister Rose and Sister Rajamani from St Mathias High School to deliver more laptops which we've donated to them to help them further inspire teaching and learning in their classrooms!

James Lison said after the event: “it was a great feeling handing over the laptops to Sister Rose and Sister Rajamani from St Mathias High School. To know that the laptops, which have come to the end of their use at EducationCity, will go on to have such a positive impact on teaching and learning back at St Mathias High, is very humbling. I look forward to seeing photos of these latest laptops being used.”

We hope you enjoy them St Mathias High School!

*The Nevett Fund for Children is a charity which provides opportunities to advance education and training for children and young persons in India.