EducationCity unveils its new NC2014-ready primary e-learning platform

Leading provider of e-learning resources for primary schools, EducationCity (Stand D300) will be unveiling its brand new online platform, refreshed and upgraded in line with customer feedback and packed with new English, maths, science, French, Spanish, English as an additional language and computing content to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 (NC2014). This includes an additional module on computing, a powerful language game, enhanced teacher features for personalisation, differentiation and tracking, plus free access to a mobile app Flash browser that enables teachers to access EducationCity material anytime, anywhere. Live demonstrations and presentations by lead educators designed to help teachers make a real difference in the classroom will be taking place each day – register online, visit the blog for the latest updates. Visit the stand for the chance to sign up for a free trial and check out the other special show offers for new customers.

All content on the new platform has been mapped to the NC2014, with log-in and navigation made even simpler so that teachers can access curriculum objectives quickly and easily via subject, year level or key stage.

Supporting maths teaching, existing content has been realigned, expanded and enhanced with new material specifically developed to tackle a range of new NC2014 objectives. This includes new songs for 11 and 12 times tables, new Activities and Learn Screens, which are complementary areas attached to an activity where pupils can explore and interact with the material without a right/wrong format or being timed. Learn Screens will also be introduced to broaden coverage and depth at the Foundation Stage.

English has been similarly boosted with a strong focus on phonics, in-depth coverage of reading objectives for KS1 and lower KS2, with additional support for writing in Upper KS2.

For science there is new content to support the ‘Working Scientifically’ area of study. Teacher support materials including notes, activity sheets and lesson plans have also been broadened and reworked to meet the demands of the new curriculum.

Equipping teachers with all the tools they need to deliver the KS1 and KS2 computing curriculum, the computing module has been introduced with engaging content all correlated to the learning objectives. It includes student and Topic Tools, Activities, Learn Screens and ThinkIts – a teacher-led, higher order thinking skills tool to challenge fast finishers. It will be available later in 2014 and added to the EducationCity offering free of charge for an introductory period.

PlayLive French is a powerful learning game for KS2. It reinforces French language learning in the classroom in a timed, competitive environment. Pupils can pit their wits against other children in their class, school or across the UK on specific language topics such as people, animals, fashion, leisure and travelling. Over 700 different multimedia questions including video, photographs, animations, graphics, audio and text, give plenty of variety to encourage practice. PlayLive French is ideal for consolidating learning at the end of the school year or key stage, or to recap specific topics.

A high proportion of EducationCity’s most valued Activities in maths, English and science will be converted to HTML5 by September 2014, with a strong development plan for future mobile content development. To make life even easier, now all Flash content can be accessed using the free Puffin Academy App mobile Flash browser for pupils and teachers available through the iTunes and Android stores.

On-stand presentations will be relevant to the NC2014 and e-learning in the classroom, with speakers including practitioners, education specialists and EducationCity’s content production team.