EducationCity welcomes Claire Binks

Claire Binks is one of the two new Educational Content Developers on the EducationCity team. Here we talk to her about her teaching background and find out about what she aims to bring to the role.

“Hello, my name is Claire Binks and I’ve been teaching for the last five years. I have had experience in teaching all year groups within the primary age range but my main expertise is within Key Stage 1 and the Foundation Stage. My specialist area is English, having been coordinator in this subject.

 “As for what I aim to bring to EducationCity, I think primarily experience and subject knowledge. Having been involved in education for a number of years, I have an in-depth understanding of the curriculum, classroom practice and the varying needs of learners. As a teacher, I continually strive to find innovative and creative learning opportunities for children, which are both challenging and enjoyable but also meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. I hope to continue to do this within EducationCity, working collaboratively with other members of the team and with teachers that ultimately use our resources.

 “Last but not least, I fully appreciate the time-consuming and demanding nature of teaching, so hope to be able to utilise my experience to help design and create resources, which other teachers will find supportive and useful too.”