EducationCity Welcomes the New Spooky-Themed 12x Table Song!

EducationCity is delighted to announce that the scary-themed 12x Table Song has just been added to our Times Table Song series and has been released for you and your students to sing-along to!

EducationCity’s 12x Table Song will join the 2 to 10x Tables Songs which have already been created.

As with all of our Times Table Songs, the 12x Table Song’s engaging sing-along and dance style, combined with easy-to-learn lyrics and colourful, attractive character-based animation, give teaching the 12x table an extra dimension by making it more memorable and appealing.

However, this particular Times Table Song has a scary twist meaning that it’s perfect for Halloween! Your students can sing with ghouls, mummies and ghosts and learn the 12x table alongside them! Why not use it as a topical resource?

Get your students singing and dancing to the spooky-themed 12x Table Song today and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they pick up the maths, as you’ll see when they tackle the question and answer section that follows the song!

Listen to the 12x Table Song now, click on the video above.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by calling on 01572 725080 or by emailing