EducationCity, with Heart Cambridge Radio’s Support, Lip Synches ‘Happy’ for Anna’s Hope!

EducationCity was recently approached by the charity, Anna’s Hope, to support them by participating in a video in which they would be lip synching Pharrell Williams’ song, ‘Happy’.  The making of the video was for the national charity, Global’s Make Some Noise, which Anna’s Hope are involved with. Heart Cambridge Radio came to film the video itself as they are part of Global, the Media & Entertainment company, who run the charity!

Anna’s Hope is EducationCity’s official charity and is also the leading children’s brain tumour charity in the east of England. It provides rehabilitation and support to children and young people diagnosed with the condition, which is the biggest cancer killer amongst children.

The EducationCity team had great fun creating the ‘fairy’ happy filled video for Anna’s Hope. Fairy wings, tiaras and tutus were donned for the event! You’ll be able to see some of our lovely staff in their fairy apparel by watching the ‘Happy’ video for yourself, simply click the link at the side of this page. Make sure you see our staff, as well as Sten, in action! You can also donate to the cause and support our staff’s efforts by clicking here.

Thank you to Heart Cambridge Radio for all your help and thank you to our team for your fantastic effort!