EducationCity Work Experience Blog by Matthew Summers

Not only was it overall a very interesting experience, but the people there were a pleasure to be around as I carried out tasks set by product, marketing and art departments throughout the week.

I started and ended my week in the product department. While I worked for the product department, I was asked to do different tasks that involved the product. This experience was enjoyable as I learnt all the small things on EducationCity that needed to be checked and approved, as well as some new skills that I will take with me into the future.

On Wednesday I worked in the marketing department. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a very kind team who I spoke with individually as they told me what their role was within the department. This was useful as I was able to expand my knowledge of marketing and how important it is to EducationCity.

On Thursday, I worked in the art department. The art department is one of the liveliest departments within EducationCity, with everyone working with each other to create new and interesting designs to be used in everything from blogs to activities. My time with the art team is something I’d keep in mind later in my life.

Finally, on Friday, I briefly sat down with both the development team and QA team during the morning. Here I learnt how the two teams work with each other as well as the wider business as a whole, to create the coding that’s behind the games and websites being made, and the process of testing these games and websites, to make sure bugs don’t make their way to the end product.

Overall, my time doing work experience for EducationCity was very busy, however I enjoyed everything about it. Seeing how an office works and how people communicate was one of the things I was curious about coming into this work experience, and after learning how everyone gets along and seeing how people are genuinely enjoying what they are doing, it has got me excited for what waits for me later on in my working life.