EducationCity’s Computing Module: An Update

You will all now have had a taste of our new Computing module which was free to access from March 2014 until January 2015 – that’s a whole 10 months!

Although this free access has now expired, there’s no need to worry, simply read below to find out how you can regain access to our fantastic Computing content!

The Computing Module…

EducationCity’s Computing module has been designed to support you in delivering this new subject as part of the National Curriculum 2014.

The Computing module includes content for all aspects of the Computing curriculum and is divided into three strands which the curriculum focusses on, namely Computer Science (includes Coding), Information Technology and Digital Literacy. In particular, the module features our very popular Code Crunch programming tool which is a perfect gateway to programming for students.

Through the informative Learn Screens, Activities, Student Tools, Topic Tools and ThinkIts that make up this module, students can explore unique ideas to help them use computational thinking and creativity to understand the technological world surrounding them.

For more information on the Computing module and our Code Crunch programming tool, click here.

Subscribe Today!

Find out about how you can subscribe to the Computing module by clicking here. Simply download the correct order form on this page, tick the Computing option and fax it back to us on 0844 225 3061 to gain access. It's as simple as that!

If you would like to discuss subscription options for the Computing module, simply give us a call on 01572 725080 or email

You can also read a blog from our Educational Lead, Patrick Mainprize, on how our Computing resources have been developed to meet the objectives of the Computing curriculum, click here.